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All manuscripts received by the journal that conform to the journal’s area of research and are prepared according to the editorial requirements undergo mandatory double blind peer review.

The Editorial board is an established team of reviewers including members of the international editorial board of the journal, major specialists in computer science and computing technology of leading universities of the country, as well as scientists and specialists of the Research Institute “Centerprogramsystem” (Tver).

The editor-in-chief appoints reviewers to conduct expert evaluation of a manuscript. The period of review comprises an average of 2 weeks from the date of manuscript’s receipt.

The author of reviewed manuscript is given the opportunity to read the text of review. Negative reviews are sent to authors in any case.

If necessary, a manuscript is sent for revision that should not take longer than 1 month from the date of sending an e-mail to the author about the need to make changes. After the manuscript was revised by the author, it should be resubmitted for reviewing.

If after 1 month beginning from the day of sending a review, the authors fail to resend their revised manuscript, the editorial board has the right to consider the manuscript as rejected and shall inform the authors about it via e-mail.

In case the authors refuse revision, they shall notify the editors by e-mail about their refusal to publish the manuscript.

The decision to publish an approved manuscript is made by the editor-in-chief.

Approved materials shall be published free of charge in the next issue of the journal.