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Copyright Compliance

Copyright regulations shall be observed according to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (part 4) as well as other applicable regulatory documents. The authors are fully responsible for the content of the papers.

All papers in the online journal are published under Creative Commons «Attribution» 4.0.

The content of the online journal is free for all users.

Papers can be freely read, copied, distributed on any medium and in any format, printed and referenced to their full texts, remixed, modified, and created new, relying on this material, that is, used for any purposes, including commercial ones. In this case, it is necessary to indicate the corresponding author, provide a link to the license and indicate modifications that have been made if any.

Modifications can be made in any reasonable way, meaning that the licensor will approve them.

The license does not give the right to apply legal restrictions or technological measures that create legal obstacles for other users to carry out anything that is permitted by the license.

All authors need to enter into a license agreement with the editors’ to publish the paper in the online journal. The document regarding transfer of non-exclusive rights to use the work, regulating relations between the author and the editor, shall be signed either by all authors, or by the one with whom the correspondence is maintained. Co-authors agree by signing at the bottom of the agreement.

Privacy Statement

Personal data that authors provide to the online journal are used exclusively for the purposes stated by the online journal and are not distributed to third parties.

Publication Fees

Expertise, editing, layout design, publication and archiving are free for all authors. The online journal is published at the expense of the editors’, subscription receipts and sponsorship.


The archiving policy aims to preserve the data of the online journal in the following ways:

- to store on the server of the Publisher without any limitations

- to send to the Scientific electronic library (eLIBRARY.RU) and in the system of the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).

- to load metadata to the CrossRef registry, assigning the DOI digital identifier.

Withdrawal (Retraction) of Papers

According to recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) the editors use the following retraction policy.

The reasons for withdrawal of papers are crude violations of scientific and publishing ethics (plagiarism, data falsification, etc.).

The purposes of retraction are to observe ethics and ensure the reliability of data presented.

Retraction results shall be published on the online journal’s web-site and stored in the archive.

The fact of retraction is reported to all databases that index the online journal.