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  1. Interactive system of terminological dictionaries as one of the elements in the ontology of scientific knowledge

    N.E. Kalenov Joint Supercomputer Centre of RAS, Moscow, Russian Federation;
    A.M. Senko Library for Natural Sciences of RAS, Moscow, Russian Federation;

    The article was published in issue №4

    The authors consider the interactive informational system. It is in the Internet. It has over 12, 000 terms belonging to 69 thematic sections (dictionaries) of science and technics. They fit to the level of the State Rubricator of Scientific and Technical Information. Each term has its definitions (probably several) and links to the definition sources. The system includes rubricators of universal decimal classification and library-bibliographical classification (partially). Also the authors defined the correspondence of indexes of these classification systems. They are in the dictionaries. Besides that, authors present the connections between the terms both within one dictionary and with the terms of other dictionaries.

    The system orients to the decentralized support and distributed data editing and refilling. In the system, there are three foreseen levels of access rights: 1) user access with rights for data search, data view and developed navigation; 2) editor access, where there are also the rights for entering and editing data in the user rights; 3) administrator access, where the possibility to add new users and set their rights, and modification of the database structure are added to the editor rights. The system allows viewing the information update history (what, when and by who changed something inside the content) as well as ensures a developed navigation among its own elements.

    The further development of the system is its integration into the model of the common digital space of scientific knowledge developed with the support of RFBR as a basis for forming the ontology of scientific directions that belongs to the core of this space.