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The software package of 2d image processing for the optoelectronic detection system, tracking and identification of dynamic objects

A.A. Khramichev (-) Joint-Stock Company “Radio Engineering and Information Systems of Aerospace Defense” (Senior Researcher, Director General), Tver, Russian Federation, ph.d;
A.Yu. Kozlov ( Joint-Stock Company “Radio Engineering and Information Systems of Aerospace Defense” (Associate Professor, Senior Researcher), Tver, Russian Federation, ph.d;

There is a theory and methods of the image adaptive optimized automatic processing. Optoelectronic devices form them upon detection, identification and tracking of the air dynamic objects in the complex background conditions.

The base of them are the wavelet-fractal-correlative methods for information processing without using
of a priori data about the current situation in the controlled zone by the optoelectronic devices.

The authors solved the auto detection problem, the type identification, the dynamic objects tracking in the complex background conditions. They built the image processing algorithm based on the three-dimensional long, low-sized and point-contact low-contrast clusters of the phono-target frame pixels. There is a software implementation of comprehensive algorithm. It is the wavelet-fractal-correlative-statistical algorithm. This algorithm, in automatic mode, provides for solving the detection problem and tracking of the dynamic objects on the phono-target images of the optoelectronic devices. Then this algorithm forms the information for the detection of the dynamic object type. After that it gives the information for the present state analysis of the controlled phono-target environment.

The developed methods and algorithms are new direction in theory and practice of the image digital processing in aprior uncertainties environment.

Approaches to the Electronic Textbook Development for Distance Learning

I.S. Grigoriev ( Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" (student), Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation;
S.A. Belyaev ( Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" (Associate Professor), Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation, ph.d;

The paper focuses on electronic textbook development for distance learning. The paper contains approaches that allow creating a system for multimedia e-courses, including integration into information systems. E-courses allow you to train school students, professional students and higher educational institutions, employees of enterprises without conducting face-to-face events.

There are basic e-textbook features and open source distance learning systems such as Moodle, Open edX, Atutor, Ilias, and Diskurs. They extend the basic functionality and integrate into information systems. There are conclusions about the need to develop a new solution.

There are requirements for the electronic textbook and the development approach. The proposed solution is suitable for organizations that need to place distance learning tools inside their own information system or on the website. There are main features of the electronic textbook, the architecture, and the data storage model. As the main feature, it is possible to single out the Russian specific consideration in terms of checking expert opinions for the materials publishing possibility. The author tested the solution and highlighted the recommendations and guidelines for further research.